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Black and White Done Right

June 17, 2016

Introducing our two resident Divas: The Nude Cushion and Pepper Sheik, Prince of (Canine) Arabia. Our most popular supermodels have too much attitude for the faint hearted. As you can already tell, we at Bivain like to wear our stripes with a little too much pride!

Unfortunately, Le Petit Prince is not for sale, but you can dress your home with our Lady in the Nude. Mix her stripes with patterns or contrast with a bright pop of colour.

We were itching to do this featurette of the yin & yang hues for a while now. It's everyone’s safe bet and you can rarely go wrong with this classic combination. But when done right, Black & White can elevate to uplifting, sensuous and exciting spaces.

We have put together our favourite ways to do Black and White.



Be a Maximalist. Live a little more. Aussie interior designer & architect, Greg Natale breaks all rules and oh so wonderfully! He has taken this shoe-box sized, 500sq feet apartment and transformed it into a bold, boastful room with lots of attitude. Playing with stripes and patterns in Black and White, he plays hooky with our peepers ;-)



This charming riverside, boutique property is conceived by prolific resort designer, Bill Bensley. The inspired design hotel showcases Black & White interiors and exteriors in its full splendour. 

Spread over 3 acres and featuring 39 sprawling suites, every inch of this hotel is meticulously designed in our favourite monochromatic hues. Asian and Western sensibilities come together in the most harmonious manner, be it in the glorious metal-clad atrium, or the fine details of the powder rooms. The glamorous B'n'W striped pool transforms the Chao Phraya into a 1950s French Riviera.



But sometimes, there is beauty in restraint. Polish designer Aleksandra Miecznicka's clean, sweet and sensitive approach to design is most refreshing. She takes cold spaces and adds warmth and glamour using such restraint. Her design is timeless and tells a story, using very few words. 




Hell! We love us some mid-century modern cheek! A B'n'W story can never be complete without a mention of Fornasetti. His works of art are surprisingly versatile to any style of decor, and add character to the most mundane spaces.

German designer, Ingo Maurer’s “porca miseria!” is juxtaposed here against a minimal backdrop for high impact. In fact, a single brilliant design moment can make a room remarkable. Be it an accent of copper, a pop of colour, a gorgeous big plant against a harlequin foyer or a single stripe of black paint behind your couch. A stroke of genius is all you need.


Onward and upward,

Bivain xx