For a brand that boasts an extremely bold and daring home decor and accessories collection, look no further than Bivain! Founded by Megha Lohia and Rachel Fong in 2016, it is a relatively new brand, but its popularity is increasing all the time! The company is based in London, but their products are influenced by various sources and cultural inspirations from all over the world. The brand’s name derives from the words ‘to be vain.’ As a company, they appreciate pride in unique senses of style - this shows in their stunning collection of products. 

Their designs ooze contemporary style stemming from the founders’ past work at internationally renowned companies such as Agent Provocateur and Zac Posen. Their aim is to create a lifestyle brand that draws inspiration from sensory experiences of international wanderlust. Their products are completely unique and are produced to the highest standard by incredibly talented craftsmen using the finest materials. 

Bivain takes inspiration from a number of different sources to create an eclectic mix of products. The Bivain Zellige Pista Cushion is inspired by Moroccan terracotta tile work with its bold colours and circular patterns, creating a vibrant cushion that will stun in any contemporary living room. The silk twill and cotton viscose velvet cushion doesn’t conform to a perfectly symmetrical pattern – choosing instead to show character through irregular shading and geometric flaws. This cushion will make a bold and chic addition to your home.

The brand’s careful designs are made to suit each other, whether in terms of colour combinations, patterns or themes. The Beaufort Bateau Cushion and the Beaufort Bateau Blanc Cushion complement each other flawlessly with their matching boat and nautical themes. The Beaufort Bateau Cushion flaunts a bold design focussing on illustrated wooden paddles arranged in a repeating pattern, making for a fabulously eccentric piece perfect for your home. The Beaufort Bateau Blanc Cushion sports a similar pattern, with wooden paddles in its design. These home accessories are perfect for outdoor seating areas and casual living rooms, making the perfect decoration to luxury chairs and other designer furniture pieces.

The Bivain Xanadu Red silk twill and cotton polyester cushion flaunts an incredibly bold Chinese knot print which will grab attention in any interior. Its bold contrasting colours are inspired by colour palettes from the East, making for a fabulous accessory. The intricately illustrated design will help instil a vibrancy in your home which will be sure to uplift your living room sofa or bedding.

The Nude Collection consists of a stunning array of cushions that allow you to tastefully admire the female form in their simply stylish designs. This collection is available in various colours, including pink, orange, blue, grey and black, enabling you to choose one (or more) that will suit your personal and interior style. Not only will these daring cushions become eye catching focal points in any room, but their bold colours will help lighten up subdued interiors!

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