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August 30, 2018

It’s that time of the year again…we are all dreaming of a villa in the Côte d'Azur, a beach house in St. Barths, or a summer cottage in Southampton. Well, if you carry the sun in your heart, there’s no reason why you cannot bring it right to your home. It’s almost end of the warm months and we want to go to the beach a little bit longer, drink a few more Pimm’s, and work on our tans a little bit longer. We’re soaking up every last bit of the summer and our wish for you is the same.

There is no reason you can’t keep summer in your home even after it’s long gone. We want to pass on our few tricks and tweaks that you can use to give your home that scorching hot bikini bod it really deserves.

Subconsciously or not, we surround ourselves with hues that reflect our mood, emotions and personality. Outgoing people are often spotted in bright colours while subtle hues are reserved for the reserved. Your front door too says heaps about you and your home’s personality. It is after all the gateway to your sanctuary! The paint we choose for our main door says a lot about how we view our home. A bright yellow is instantly uplifting; a red shows deep passion. Black is the classic colour of strength and sophistication. Green is ever-green for showcasing health, safety and harmony.

However, we have some deep sea love for blue. The colour of ocean and sky, it echoes your sense of calm, serenity and relaxation. It’s the colour you paint your door when you feel your home is really your refuge.



On our recent trip to Cyprus we couldn't help but notice this pattern in most heritage yellow stone villas. All the awnings, windows and especially the doors were painted a particularly charming shade of cerulean blue. Set against the gorgeous Mediterranean foliage and miles of clear blue skies, it was not only picturesque but was a clear reflection of the easy going, tranquil nature of the Cypriots.



With the heat at its peak we want to maximise our home’s sunny potential before the chill sets in. The best way to keep things light and breezy is by keeping all walls and furniture neutral. The more white, ecru and taupe you use, the more you highlight the vista of sprawling gardens, the pool, the ocean or even the cityscape if you are a serial city dweller. Let your home be the blank slate for you to create and build on.

The whites will feel bright like summer practically all year round, especially somewhere like England where the sun loves to play shy. Eventually when the pumpkins, pines and Christmas lights come on, the mellow canvas won't overwhelm any of your seasonal adornments.



Forgive our shameless self-promotion but we just couldn't resist! Bivain’s Beaufort Collection cushions are a great way to add a nautical, beachy charm to your whites and neutrals. They will add a pop of colour and a playful-cool vibe to your canvas without overwhelming the vista. The Beaufort is cheery, breezy and one of our personal favourites. The colours are versatile, and remind us of our happy beach days, even on the gloomiest days of snow. The tan, vegan leather backs go beautiful with light neutrals and we sometimes flip a few around for a change of scene!



With September around the corner there will be a slight chill in the air soon and you need something to keep you warm on those nippy nights. We highly recommend investing in a good quality cashmere throw if your budget allows after splurging on our Beaufort cushions ;-). There is something incredibly comforting and luxe about cashmere throws and blankets draped on furniture. Maybe even think about some contrasting weaves like a cable knit or a chevron if you're buying more than one, but keep the palette neutral to match the furniture. These throws will instantly make your couches and futons more plush and inviting, in a come hither, let’s-cozy-up-together way!

We had the good fortune to be invited to Coco Chanel’s Rue Cambon apartment in Paris a few seasons ago and we had a cool take back we would like to make mention of in this post. The queen of chic put giant bouquets of wheat around her home that we thought looked magnificent. Wheat is a symbol of wealth and prosperity in France and Chanel was known to be very superstitious. Symbolism aside, we think bouquets of wheat look extraordinary near the fireplace, on mantles or in vases around the house instead of, or in addition to, the standard white orchids. They're fuss-free and last a lifetime. You can also add lavender sticks or essential oils to their base when in a vase, to make your home smell sublime.



Speaking of sublime smells, you must make your home a sensory experience and not just a visual treat. Candles or diffusers with azure smells evoke sentiments and memories of a certain holiday in Provence or a Sicilian orchard. Sometimes just a smell can transport you to warmer months!

We are suckers for the giant Baobab candles filled in gorgeous glass holders. We’re also partial to Dr. Vranjes home diffusers, Cire Trudon room sprays and Diptyque candles. With this we wish your homes a grand big dose of seahabilitation.

Fear not yet…We’ve heard this weekend is going to be a hot one, calling for obligatory rosés on a roof top. No summertime sadness here!