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A Little Piece Of Pink - Bivain's Guide To Jaipur

June 03, 2016

Dear Wanderlusters,

We can’t begin to tell you how much we love this pink city of Love and Bohemia. Jaipur has inspired our festive collection of cushions and we gratefully pay homage to this artistic Indian city with a travel guide for our fellow design mavens.

SHOP Blockprints at Brigitte Singh’s Studio. An idyllic, jade-hued villa, dripping with bougainvillea blossoms is tucked away in a discreet backstreet of Amer. Quite fitting to the elusive designer’s persona. Her exquisite block-printed loungewear, home accessories and quirky household items are unparalleled in quality, workmanship and design.

Shop for curious little objects that you will cherish, in her trademark red poppies or unique Mughal-esque chintz patterns. Brigitte’s studio sells products like baby booties, tea cosies and stationery to quilted duvets in typical jaipur style. Teatro Dhora, Vrisa and Jaipur Modern are also interesting places to find fashion, accessories and knick knacks for your home, in contemporary Jaipur style.


LUST Trunks Company Jaipur makes exquisite bespoke trunks for the likes of royals and celebrities world over. They can customise to any requirement, from steamers, safe and watch trunks to bars and furniture. Designed by Livio Delesgues, each piece is carefully crafted inside-out, to one’s unique aesthetic.

SLEEP Sujan Raj Mahal Palace The 18th-century guesthouse of the Royal Palace has recently been given a glam makeover. It boasts 14 grand suites named after its former power guests i.e. Jackie O, need we say more?! Draped with flamboyant colours and patterns, every room has a story to tell,its kitschy-modern Indian decor tugs at the heart strings! The Polo Bar and restaurants have exceptional old school menus and service. If you're looking for royal hospitality, great food and beautiful ambience, you've found yourself a home away from home.


DRINK Il Teatro Events at the Bar Palladio hosts musical evenings and performances in the most dreamy settings. Think ‘Modern day Matahari swaying to the tunes of Bossa Nova.’ Expect the ultra chic of Jaipur to tête-à-tête here on any given night. Bar Palladio’s delicatessen and souvenir homeware store has sweet indulgences on offer too. 


Finally, for VAIN PURSUITS head down Hawa Mahal Road to the studio of Tikam Chand. A street portraitist who uses his grandfather’s 1860 Carl Zeiss to take vintage style portraits of his customers. Step aside, Marilyn Monroe!


Hope to cross paths with you in our favourite pink city someday xx