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The Bs Behind Bivain

May 14, 2016

Dear Bivainists,

Vanity. No Apologies. The Bivain Mantra. Our bold, vivacious designs are meant to stare right back at you without batting an eyelid!

It's natural that some our designs are a mirror reflection of our larger-than-life personalities. So here's introducing the ‘Design Criminals’, Rachel and Megha, who managed to keep out of trouble just this one time. 


Born Chinese, raised in Canada, found herself in London, married an Irishman in Greece; Rachel is our Business Head and Chief Wizard. Our brutally-organised and ever so energetic and charismatic founder loves to laugh out loud and dance in the rain. In other words, she is an eternal optimist who keeps us sailing in the storms. 

Megha, our global-Desi Creative Head is just what you might expect. A little cuckoo at the corners, but in the most loveable way. Pleasure and beauty has to be in everything; Megha is the ultimate hedonist. 

We found common ground in our love of fashion, hate of fashion, inappropriate humour, food, travel and men ;-)

We like our avocados as much as our bacon and our Primark as much as our Prada! Simply put, we are dysfunctional without one another. So after a few too many shots of tequila we went into business together and poured all our heart into Bivain. And we are over the moon that our little black heart is taking flight!


Megha & Rachel x